Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Destiny for a Toss-Short movie

This movie happens to the first movie we have ever made :)
Just another description of the world around us. Starting from heaven, the journey of one common man on earth. The movie is also an example of how destiny can change in one's life with a little humor. It also portrays two different stories of the same person and the lives of politicians,rich men and the common man.

Destruction day! :P Ever wanted to know how to break a test tube? Never found a way? well, then here's a very simple and easy way of doing it! :P In this video: My friend Kiran demonstrating the very complex yet a simple process! :P Additional credits: The lab attender for not seeing all this happening! :P

A dream. Another romantic poem! :P :P :P written long time back . Just found them on my system! :D

A dream......
You are....
the girl beyond my dreams.
Always thinking of you...
you make a happy man...
you don't have to be perfect,
to be perfect for me.
But perfection you are,
making my life perfect.
The closer I am to you,
the happier I am.
have wowed me from the very beginning.
Everytime I see you glow,
I always tell wow.
The first time I laid eyes on you
a seed has sown within me.
Now the seed has grown,
waiting for more to be sown.
Now my heart is a garden,
with flowers very beautiful,
radiating passion, stirring up longing.
Each day wit you,
These feelings grow stronger.
Standing near you I am enchanted,
for I am in the presence of an angel.
You are an angel, and my heart the heaven,
you the one who owns this heart of mine
and I wish for you my valentine,
that you'll feel special all day through
because I think the world of you!
I don't know why god blessed me
with a gal like you
but it makes my pleasure complete
and very happy too.
My heart without you is a mere vessel,
tossing about helplessly
in this sea of loneliness.
I long for the winds of your love
to guide me back to the shore,
back to your heart.
I gaze at your pictures,
as I go to sleep,
I can hear your voice
it sounds oh so sweet!
I then close my eyes,
and sleep the night through,
the dreams that I have,
are of me and you.
You look in my eyes'
and hold me so tight,
the fears that we have
will soon have respite.
You just don't know what you have done for me,
you even pushed me to the best that I can be,
you really are an gel sent from above
to take care of me and shower with love.
I cannot contain
my feelings for you,
my heart is set free,
and belongs only to you.
No longer can these feelings be held in
from my chest they burst outward
in this confusion only one thing is certain,
I love u.
I wish I could talk till the end of the day
but now i'm running out of things to say.
So i'll end by the line you already know
”I LOVE U” more than what I could show.